We are Young, but we are professional

Sunning Consulting was established by a senior human resource recruiter, a senior finance analyst and a software engineer, and today is one of Canada’s most active and accomplished recruiting firms. We provide talent and good service for each client, from local small business to biggest medical company. We hope each of our client can find correct people, that’s why we are working so hard.

We are good at

Information Technology

Sunny Consulting provides services including management and assistance in the development of web sites, computer databases, and other systems to support a client’s needs.


We know what kind of people you need, and we know where they are. Is it true in Sunny? Yes, we are supporting 10+ small or big company for their HR solutions and we have created solid relations with more than 1000+ experts working in different area all over the world. Do you want some supports from a professional HR team? Yes, Sunny will work hard for you.

What we value.

  • Friendship
  • Long Views
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Life Balance 
  • Happy

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